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Spread of Islamic civilation essays

Spread of Islamic civilation essays DBQ #: Spread of Islamic Civilization From its beginnings in Arabia to its extensive empire encompassing the Middle East, parts of Asia, North Africa, and parts of Europe,paul duffy is fat the spread of Islam in the late 600s and 700s has drawn much study. The spread of Islamic beliefs and civilization have been described from a variety of perspectives. One way in which Islam spread was by the military conquests of the Muslims. Mohammed gave choices to non-Moslem peoples. They could either accept Islam or war would be waged against them and many lives would be taken. These threats by the Moslems caused many to convert and become followers of Allah. When a group defied these words they were punished severely by the Moslems. Moslem warrior were known to be fierce and were quite capable of forcing nations into Islam. There were other times when military conquests were made by the Moslems in order to gain riches, or booty, as opposed to punishing a group of peoples. These campaigns were not made with the intention of gaining permanent footholds but once the Moslems finished their raids it was inevitable that the areas would become part of the Arab empire. Not everyone was forced to follow Islam though. There were many people to whom the Islamic culture appealed. The promise to devout Moslems of a paradise with an abundant supply of water appealed to many desert-dwellers. The belief in equality among all followers of Islam appealed to many impoverished nations. These people willingly converted to Islam from their ancestral religions, causing the Islamic empire to grow. Then you have peoples like the Christians or Jews, who were respected by most Moslems because of their monotheistic beliefs. These two groups did have to pay, however, for the protection of the Moslems. If they did not pay, they too would be punished. Because although they were respected by some Moslems, there were others who believed that Christians...

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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 98

Assignment Example It also helps you to mature as a person because of your experience. However the drawbacks may include certain challenges such as applying for visa or migration issues (Accounting Internships Abroad, 2014). I think I belong to the Generation Y as I am born in this century. If I want to start my own restaurant, I would market it to others in my generational group through the use of internet. I will market my restaurant on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as the people of my generation are usually active on these sites. I think that people of my generation would find fast food such as pizzas, burgers, French-fries, sandwiches, steaks, coffees, mock tails, etc. appealing, and therefore I would have such a menu that attracts the people of my generation. Baby Boomer Generation is the largest generation and contains about 80 million people. The people of this generation were born after the World War II, in between the period of 1946 to 1964. It is the oldest generation and its people are currently retired. As the people of this generation were born during the period of war they suffered a lot but due to advancement in technology, education and aid provided by the government, these people developed as a prosperous generation. The people of this generation were born in the period of 1960 to 1980 and contain about 46 million people. The children of this generation were the first ones to used Computers, Cell phones, Cable, Television, Fax machine, Videogames, etc. The people of this generation are focused on their goals and are independence of their families. They make their own decisions as they are often raised by divorced parents. With the advancement of media and journalism in this generation, they are taught to hold differences based on religion, race, caste and class. The people of this generation are born in the period of 1980 to 2000 and are

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Sexual Harassment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sexual Harassment - Research Paper Example A program to training managers on sexual harassment should undoubtedly take into consideration a wide a number of issues key among them being (i) What is considered sexual harassment (ii) Reasons for concern (iii) Workplace gender based antidiscrimination laws. Managers just like any other employee often find themselves involved in sexual harassment cases in different ways, which may include being a witness of the act, victim of the act or as a perpetrator. Lack of adequate knowledge about what constitute a sexual harassment especially verbal, non-verbal and physical conducts may prevent them from taking appropriate action against the unlawful act. Thus, the need to educate manger on what acts constitute sexual harassment, workplace gender based antidiscrimination laws and most importantly reasons for concern. Other areas that should be of great focus in a training program for managers about sexual harassment include (iv) Types of sexual harassment (v) Consensual relationships (vi) How to tell if a conduct is inappropriate (vii) Retaliation and Sexual Harassment (viii) Documenting employee actions. It is vital that the training outline contain subjects that touch on types of sexual harassment, consensual relationships at workplace and retaliation in case of alleged discrimination. For instance, there are two notable types of sexual harassments, which include Quid pro quo and Hostile environment. A fellow employee or supervisor may ask an employee for sexual favour in exchange for promotion, reward or wage increase, which may constitute Quid pro quo type of harassment (Orlov & Michael, 49). The training manual also need to take into consideration issues that pertain to (ix) Liability for supervisor misconduct (x) Setting the right tone (xi) Responding to subordinate complaints (xii) Assist ing with the investigation (xiii) Preventing

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Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X Essay Example for Free

Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X Essay Malcolm X Vs. MLK JR Extremist, or peace maker? That is the true difference between the beliefs, and ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Both men were African-American civil rights activists during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and both wanted to be accepted for their race, but they wanted that acceptance in very different ways. The two men had very diverse beliefs, Malcolm being a devout Muslim and King being a Baptist clergyman, their religions played a big part in each of their views and how they went about achieving their goals. This is where their ideas differed, and why they wouldnt technically be considered same, or â€Å"fighting for the same cause†. Malcolm X was considered an extremist for a few main reasons, one being that he wanted complete segregation from the white race. He believed that African Americans were so mistreated that they should be completely shut off from the white Americans. In his Declaration of Independence (1964), he states that the â€Å"best solution is complete separation, with our people going back home, to our own African homeland†. He wanted himself, and all other blacks to be sent to their ancestors land of Africa where they could live among other blacks, where they wouldnt be thought of as a lower class, but as equals. Although Mr. X wanted equality for blacks and whites, he still believed that there should be segregation; he wanted both races to be â€Å"separate but equal†. In the sense of violence, X didn’t promote the use of violence, yet he did believe that man should be able to â€Å"defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks†. In the end, Malco lm wanted a place of acceptance, and a place where he could be somewhat at peace with what he considered his own kind. Peace is what brought Martin Luther King power in his speeches to the people of America. Like extremist Malcolm X he wanted acceptance for himself, and all of as hed put it â€Å"brothers, and sisters†. The Kings speeches were very motivational during their time, and so uplifting that its generally believed if not assassinated complete freedoms for African Americans wouldve been accomplished much sooner. King believed he could achieve his dreams and goals of having whites and black living together in harmony and peacefulness through nonviolent protesting and also by educating the public. Martin Luther King wanted acceptance just as Malcolm X did, but they wanted it in two very different ways. King wanted it through peace and unification with his fellow Americans, while Malcolm wanted it through rioting, and force of opposition. It might seem like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X fought for different things for the African American people, but in all reality it comes down to the simplest form of an idea. They wanted acceptance. Without acceptance both causes were completely lost, no matter the arguments made, and the battles fought. Till acceptance was granted, all was lost. Thats why the differences of Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.s differences are what united them, giving them their ultimate similarity.

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Essay --

Conclusion ​The execution of the above recommendations (Appendix D) will aid in resolving issues in the implementation of the new systems. These recommendations will create change and generate further discussion on how C&B can improve execution of their new systems. ​​Word Count (Report Only): 1182 Appendix A KAT SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES †¢ Specialists can give in depth, technical advice to customers, customers have detailed information about product o value proposition o tailors to customers needs and questions o gives more credibility to products by having specialists give expert knowledge †¢ Tasks can be divided up, more efficient †¢ Team serves as members’ incentive to boost sales in area of specialization o Specialists can devote time to knowing own product better o Figure out strategies to best promote and sell product †¢ Customer’s have more complicated transactions o have to deal with multiple specialists instead of one generalist o complex chain of communication †¢ Specialists not used to teamwork since they worked independently before o don’t have effective group dynamic and communication skills †¢ Team attitudes o Members have varying viewpoints on new organization both negative (Callahan, Oates) and positive (Jen) o Nominal head Callahan is pessimistic, could affect group perceptions and behaviors †¢ Limit’s employee’s abilities, natural strengths may be in selling genera products †¢ Commission based on sales volume for specialist’s specialization o Individual motivation may decrease OPPORTUNITIES THREATS †¢ More attention to firm wide priorities leading to increased profitability †¢ Sharing customers makes tasks faster †¢ Specialized knowledge on products, especially emerging products, may increase customer base beca... ...ships. Staff members who usually don’t get along well should be put together. Tank Driving: A handful of light objects that are easy to throw (paper balls or beanbags) should be placed randomly around on the ground of a large room. Participants would then be paired off into groups for this activity. One person from each group would be the â€Å"tank† – they are blindfolded and are not allowed to talk. The partner would be the â€Å"tank driver† and they control the tank through communicating verbally. Once the game starts, the tank driver would direct the tank to pick up the objects scattered around the room and throw them at the other tanks. However, the tank drivers are to stand along the walls of the room and are not allowed to move. If a tank gets hit by an object, they would sit out until all the other tanks are eliminated. The last pair to survive would be the winners.

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Fashion Icon: Twiggy Essay

The world is composed of billions of people with each individual having various characteristics and qualities. The uniqueness of every individual could be seen in their physical appearances, personalities, and the ways they interact with each other. Despite the fact that almost everyone in the world has his or her respective potentials to make it famous in the world, there are only some people who managed to reach that stage. These people have the exemplary skills and traits that make others look up to them. Their influence does not merely involve the admiration of people but rather they tend to represent a certain area of their chosen profession. The impact that they can establish could also go as far as symbolizing the popular culture at large. In this sense, those individuals who are considered to fall under these descriptions are regarded as icons. The fashion industry also has personalities who created a meaningful and substantial contribution to this particular field. One of the most notable fashion icons who greatly exemplify this idea is Twiggy. In line with these, it is the main objective of this paper to discuss the status of Twiggy as a fashion icon. In order to do so, four images of Twiggy will be used in order to analyze her iconic status in the fashion industry. The succeeding paragraphs will give a short biography of her life and how her experiences paved the way for her success. In relation to this, the unique skills and characteristics that make Twiggy reach her present status in the fashion world will be given due consideration. Moreover, the way by which the media represented Twiggy will also be elaborated on. Lastly, an analysis of the way Twiggy produce popular culture and the means popular culture simultaneously produces Twiggy will be conducted. Biography of Twiggy Lesley Hornby or more popularly known as â€Å"Twiggy† was born on 19 September 1949 in North London. She hailed as â€Å"The Face of ‘66† by the Daily Express. During the mid 60’s, when she was at the age of 16, Twiggy became internationally popular as the world’s first supermodel.   Ã‚  Her success in photographic modeling epitomizes that certain age (Lawson). Later on, Twiggy became a thriving and lucrative actress in film, stage, and television. Her career in the film industry took off when by starring in Ken Russell’s â€Å"The Boyfriend.† She was able to won two Golden Globe awards for the category of most promising newcomer and best actress in a musical. Twiggy also entered the music scene wherein she recorded many albums that include various genres like pop, rock, disco, country and show tunes. She was able to obtain two silver discs, two chart albums, and hit singles in the span of her music career. Moreover, Twiggy also excelled in starring with her own variety series for the BBC. She was critically acclaimed in her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle in the television series entitled â€Å"Pygmalion.† Afterwards, she was included in the Tony Award winning Gershwin musical â€Å"My One and Only.† Twiggy had an outstanding success for this production wherein she was nominated for a Tony Award (Lawson). Twiggy further pursue her acting skills by getting roles in film and television shows both in the United States and the United Kingdom. She was able to become a cast member of famous shows, some of these are: â€Å"The Doctor and the Devils†, â€Å"Club Paradise†, â€Å"The Blues Brothers†, â€Å"The Little Match Girl†, and â€Å"Young Charlie Chaplin.† In 1988, Twiggy experienced an important part of her life when got married with British Actor and Director Leigh Lawson who is her co-star in â€Å"Madame Sousatzka† (Lawson). During the 1990s, Twiggy was launched in the career of a television presenter and interviewer. She had her own ITV series entitled â€Å"Twiggy’s People.† This gave her the opportunity to interview famous people such as: Dustin Hoffman, Lauren Bacall, Tom Jones, Joan Rivers, Eric Idle, and Tim Curry. In the year 2001, Twiggy had her second television series with the name â€Å"Take Time With Twiggy†, which she interviewed famous personalities with the likes of Lulu, Ken Russell and Frederick Forsyth (Lawson). Twiggy also made known her interest in the entertainment production when she co-produced and starred in the highly praised â€Å"If Love Were All† in New York that was directed by her husband Leigh Lawson. She also ventured her way into writing when she created her autobiography entitled â€Å"Twiggy in Black and White† that was included in the bestseller list. Twiggy did not forget her passion for music because she released a new album the â€Å"Midnight Blues†, which received good review from the music press (Lawson). Twiggy indeed has a timeless beauty that goes beyond the decades. This is clearly observable in the fact that she continues to model for famous brands like Marks and Spencer wherein she has been a part of their 2005 phenomenal advertising campaign. She has also been featured on the cover of numerous magazines like â€Å"Vogue† and â€Å"Tatler† despite her age. Recently, Twiggy had also been part of the reality show â€Å"America’s Next Top Model† as a guest judge opposite another model and creator of the show, Tyra Banks (Lawson). Lastly, Twiggy has other advocacies and interests that she is very passionate about. She is an active supporter of animal welfare. She actively contributes and participates in various societies that advocate animal rights as she is a self-proclaimed anti fur campaigner. Another cause that she is an ardent supporter of is the breast cancer research groups. Twiggy’s interest in fashion goes a long way as she now has her own clothing line and range of bed linen (Lawson). Twiggy as a Fashion Icon The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines â€Å"fashion† as â€Å"the prevailing style during a particular time† and a â€Å"social standing or prominence especially as signalized by dress or conduct† (Merriam-Webster Online). The term â€Å"icon† is also defined by the same dictionary as â€Å"a usually pictorial representation† and â€Å"an object of uncritical devotion† (Merriam-Webster Online). In this sense, a fashion icon could refer to an individual that has established a certain trend during a particular period of time, which makes other people, idolized him or her. It must be noted that an icon is not merely an object because even individuals can represent a particular idea or concept through inanimate objects such as a picture. Being a fashion icon does not entail the mere admiration of people because they also have to make their trends popular and widely-accepted by the people. Moreover, a fashion icon’s influence is not only limited to the public but they also have their way of establishing their own inputs to the development of the fashion industry. Putting these meanings in mind, being a fashion icon is indeed applicable to Twiggy. Twiggy was able to influence the fashion of the 1960s. During this time, fashion editors were looking for a new face or something different that will emphasize a certain or pervasive image of girlishness. Twiggy was referred as the â€Å"elfin’ with her 5 ft. 6 ins. height, and measured ’31, 22, ’32 at the time of her frame. She was regarded as one of the members of the â€Å"youthquake† that revolutionized the previous perspective of fashion and modeling. Twiggy was recognized as the new fashion icon of the 60s because her look began challenging the reign of studio imperialism with regards to star fashion successes. This youth culture that has emerged, which includes Twiggy, has been a formidable fashion force that gives a new approach to the face of popular taste by means of emphasizing fine and performing arts. Twiggy also contributes to the greater complexity of the fashion world as a stick-thin teenage English model. Furthermore, Twiggy was among the fashion icons that were able to reach such status without the aid of Hollywood (Craats 24-25). Twiggy was recognized as the world’s first supermodel because of her unique style that epitomizes an era. She introduced a new style that veers away from the traditional looks of women that aided her in influencing the new images of female fashionability. Twiggy’s waif like figure, boyish hair cut and striking eye lashes created a new image the embodies the 1960s. Her uncanny fashion sense of appealing to be boyish with her thin figure and short hair but at the same time still looking girly with the clothes she wears resonated. She immediately became popular not only in the United Kingdom but also in America (Craats 24-25). She took New York by storm, which includes the admiration of the may people. Million of teenage girls from the sixties idolized her as she became one of the most famous faces on the planet. Twiggy’s picture was everywhere, in fashion magazines like Vogue, Tatler, and even at her own American publication â€Å"Her Mod, Mod Teen World†. The popularity of Twiggy even reached a point where her photograph was even encased in a time capsule and sent into space (Lawson). The physical appearance and fashion style of Twiggy symbolize the era of the 60s but more than that she also stands for the idea of innocence and youth. She was just a 17 years old teenager when she captured the attention of the fashion industry. She possesses a body of a skinny kid with the face of an angel that makes her look very naà ¯ve. Her look and fashion style are both similar and different. It is similar because of the fact that she fashioned colorful tops and skirts that clearly exemplifies the pop-culture of her time. On the other hand, it is different because of her boyish physical features and girly fashion sense that tends to contradict with each other. As a result, the irony of her physical appearance as a model and the fashion sense that she popularized only contributed more to her popularity that can even be compared for the clamor of the people for the British boy band â€Å"The Beatles† (Craats 24-25). The qualities and contribution that Twiggy made during her career in the fashion industry as well as in the other fields of artistry like music and acting made Twiggy stand out from the other popular figures during her time. She is considered as different from the others because she was able to symbolize an era, which other famous personalities cannot do. When people think or remember the 60s, Twiggy is always one of the people they identified with when it comes to the fashion scene. Her contributions were really substantive because she was able to aid in changing the perspective of the people during her time. She was able to further promote the â€Å"youthquake† that give the female fashion a different flair. More than that, Twiggy has this exceptional charisma to the public that make her instantly popular to millions of people. Her popularity does not merely stop in mere modeling but it also extended in other areas of artistry like designing, music, and acting. These only prove that Twiggy became part of the lives of the people because she very much accepted and recognized in all her areas of endeavor (Desser and Jowett 184-185). The Social Historical Context Twiggy rose to prominence during the 1960s decade. This period is often characterized by the inter-related cultural and political trends in the west especially in the United States of America and Britain. It is also known in popular culture as â€Å"The Sixties† to describe the counter-culture and social revolution that takes place at the end of the decade. In relation to this, the era is referred to as one of irresponsible excess and flamboyance. The decade is also regarded as the â€Å"Swinging Sixties† because of the liberalist attitude that people have during that time which gives importance to individual freedom (Craats 24-25). The fashion style that Twiggy popularized during the 1960s shows the very idea of liberalism that was very wide spread at that time. The clothes that she wears are usually composed of short skirts or mini skirts that shows more skin. Being the case, the female identity of becoming more liberated is seen in the clothes that they wear (Moseley 38-19). During this time dressing less really was more. Twiggy was able to stand for the change that mirrors for the sentiment of the most females during that era. As Twiggy said so herself â€Å"The sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary thing . . .† (Lawson). Twiggy and Popular Culture The iconic status that Twiggy has in the fashion industry can be regarded as transitory rather than permanent. This is due to the fact that her influence in the fashion world as well as in other areas of the arts still exists up to this present time. Contrary to the common fear of most models of the fashion industry that are regarded as â€Å"has-been† when they no longer comprehend with the certain style or look of the time, Twiggy transcends this limitation to a model (Craik 282-285). She was able to revolutionize the fashion industry once again when she paved the way for models in their forties to still be profitable in the industry during her commercial campaign when Marks and Spencer. Most importantly, she is the embodiment of the idea that models are not all beauty because they also have the brains due to the various advocacies that she has.

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Differences Between Girls And Boys - 893 Words

Introduction: a) What is the research question? In this article, researchers hypothesized that the main reason for the differences in competence between girls and boys coincide with the differences in motivation-related variables that emerge during their middle-childhood years at school. Consequently, this seemed to direct students into gendered pathways based on who they identify themselves as. The researchers’ main goal was to identify a concrete and relevant heuristic that correlated students’ gender identity to what students thought as perceived fit and social accurate behaviors. The article highlights that the male stereotyping of math and sciences implies greater misfit between girl’s gender identities. Similarly, the stereotype†¦show more content†¦This identity regulation not only impacts their preferences, but may also influence the amount of effort and diligence they provide at school and in learning. Results: a) What were the major results of the study? The major results of the study were that in fact there is a lower girl representation in subjects such as math and science and a lower boy engagement at school in general. Girls demonstrated less confidence in their mathematics and science related capabilities while boys reported less engagement and interest in coursework. Girls whose favorite subject was physics were seen by their peers as possessing more masculine traits. On the other hand, boys’ gender identity seemed to conflict with their effort display, as boys revealed that they act in ways that they feel were in line with their gender identity. This meant that boys tried to hide effort investment in school from others to maintain a masculine image in front of their peers. Conclusions: a) What did the researchers concluded about their study? Did they confirm their research question? The researchers concluded that in fact, by demonstrating preference to certain school subjects over others, students can develop and demonstrate their gender identity as persons with specific interests and characteristics. Gendered preferences or differences in academic engagement become more likely when the image of a schoolShow MoreRelatedThe Difference Between Girls and Boys in the Oedipus Complex by Sigmund Freud530 Words   |  3 Pages The article â€Å"Some Psychological Consequences of the Anatomical Distinction between the Sexes† by Sigmund Freud focus on the difference between boys and girls and the consequences and impact the Oedipus complex and Penis envy. Freud studies the consequences and how boy and girls develop and move forward from this phase. It is to say that Freud has a strong point of view about this, and somehow this theory can come as masochism and has been criticizes by many feminist; but I cannot ignore the complexityRead MoreThe Differences betwee n the Self-Esteem of Boys and Girls During Puberty1247 Words   |  5 Pagesthrough puberty. Psychologically, an adolescent is affected too. One psychological effect of puberty is a decreased self-esteem. Boys and girls both have affected self-esteem during puberty, but girls’ self-esteem seems to have a negative impact during puberty, whiles boys seem to have a more positive impact. This paper will focus on the impact of self-esteem in both boys and girls during puberty, and if there is a positive or negative impact. Self-Esteem To understand what effect self-esteem has onRead MoreDoing Gender - How Society Creates Differences Between Girls and Boys1805 Words   |  8 PagesIn this essay I discuss that doing gender means creating differences between girls and boys and women and men.... (West Zimmerman 2002:13) I am concentrating on the female perspective, how societyputs forth expectations of what is natural or biological even though, in some cases, it can be quite demeaning and degrading. I am using some examples from the local media and also a few childhoodexperiences that have helped me to now strongly suspect that the quote from Simone Beauvoir (1972) OneRead MoreDo Innate Gender Differences Influence How Children Learn?1071 Words   |  5 PagesWhether boy or girl, no matter how equal one group gets to each other, there will always be differences between them. However, do innate gender differences influence how children learn? According to Kelley King, Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens, the answer is yes. In contrast, according to Lise Eliot, the answer is no. There are multiple reasons why Kelley King, Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens are on the pro side. For one reason, they believe that the differences exist due to boys being more interactiveRead MoreEssay about Gender Differences1657 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Boys and girl approach life differently and therefore it can be argued that major gender differences exists, however scientific studies have prove that this difference occur mainly due to different rate of biological development, understanding this will help overcome negative impact brought about by perceived gender differences. For instance, understanding the nature of brain development between boys and girls is different, helps in establishing that possibly there are differences in learningRead MoreBoys And Girls : Why Do They Behave So Differently?1301 Words   |  6 PagesBOYS GIRLS – WHY DO THEY BEHAVE SO DIFFERENTLY? Firstly let’s define psychology as we don’t want to read the whole essay without a real understanding of what it’s all about. Wikipedia defines it in short as ‘the study of mind and behaviour.’ Defining clear differences between girls and boys is a complex and extensive exercise, since each child is an individual and different to all the others, however there are many similarities between us all, some of which I’ll discuss in the following paragraphsRead MoreChildren Relational Aggression : Effect Of Children Aggressive On Peers Interaction And Gender Differences1579 Words   |  7 Pages Children Relational Aggression: †¨The Effect of Children Aggressive on Peers Interaction†¨and the Gender Differences in the expression of aggression Nada El Masri Sacramento State University The Effect of Children Aggression on Peers Interaction And Gender Differences In the expression of aggression Relationships with peers have significant importance in the lives of very young children byRead MoreA Critical Analysis of the Educational Gender Gap Essay1246 Words   |  5 Pagesbehavioral differences between boys and girls have often been linked as a result of attributed responses from neuro-biological dissimilarities. Essentially, behavioral variances between males and females result from biological differences that remain unaddressed in a classroom setting. Biologically, boys have less serotonin and less oxytocin than girls – the chemicals that are primarily responsible for human bonding. This makes it more likely for boys to be more physically impulsive than girls. GirlsRead MoreCompare And Contrast Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts1302 Words   |  6 PagesThe Boy Scouts of America and the Girls Scouts of the USA are both nonprofit organizations that can be the most wonderful experiences in one’s life. Being a Boy Scout or Girl Scout can help the youth develop maturity and character, as they grow with age and enter adulthood. Through the process of volunteering and showing leadership skills, Boy Scouts of America and Girls Scouts of the USA are both life-changing organizations. One involved in any of the two organizations will create unity throughoutRead MoreResearch Paper: Difficulties for Women in Afghanistan963 Words   |  4 PagesAfghanistan, there are many differences in the lives of males and females. A child’s life is based around their gender, because gender is an important and prized aspect of a person’s life. Both boys and girls do not live luxurious lives, they are subject to disease, malnutrition and war in Afghanistan. However, while these are similarities among the genders, there are many more differences. Roles in economics, education and childhood are some of the many differences in boys and girls lives in Afghanistan